Food Log

 under WORK IN PROGRESSIMG_7728 IMG_8553 IMG_7605 IMG_6960 IMG_6767 IMG_5902 IMG_5923

IMG_3551 IMG_3159 IMG_3152 IMG_3132 IMG_2981-001 IMG_2544 IMG_2532-002 IMG_2516 IMG_2471 IMG_2445 IMG_2393 IMG_2407 IMG_2326 IMG_2160 ©Vanita Hegde IMG_2051 IMG_1884 IMG_1832IMG_0230IMG_0220-001IMG_0137IMG_0066IMG_0049IMG_9980IMG_9963IMG_9956IMG_9610IMG_9542-001IMG_9518-001IMG_9467IMG_9414IMG_9453IMG_9444-001IMG_9393-001IMG_9315IMG_9338IMG_9305IMG_9200IMG_9118IMG_8676IMG_8893IMG_6597IMG_8529IMG_8354IMG_8466IMG_8400IMG_8293IMG_8034Jaggery in the huge wokpasta3IMG_6964

Cakes and Bakes:

Cookies and short breads
Other Indian Dishes
Preserves and pickles:

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