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Turmeric chutney – healing and nourishing #goldendip (Arishina Gojju)

Turmeric known for it’s healing properties, vibrant golden color and subtle flavour. Being a locally available super food, these golden roots have been extensively used in Indian kitchen. With almost every seasoning accompanying a small portion of turmeric powder, elders ensured, … Continue reading

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Kanne-kudi Katne or Chinese weed soup

Chinese weed or Kanne-kudi as it is known in the western ghat region of Karnataka, is an uncultivated plant, found in abundance across the region. The English name for the same seems to me an extreme misnomer, as there is … Continue reading

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Spiced Moringa leaves and lentils / Moringa leaves subzi and Welcome – 2016

This is my first post for the year 2016 and I choose to begin with the healthy recipes.  I would be posting the healthy vegetarian recipes though out this year and focus on seasonal and local ingredients & products. Moringa leaves, … Continue reading

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Spicy tamarind rice / Puliyogare

Puliyogare is one of the traditional and most sought after recipes from Southern India. Each savoured bite of this rice reminds of the vivid memories of my student life spent at the community hostel. My mother would prepare this “can be stored well … Continue reading

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White poppy seed, milk pudding: Haalubayi or manni #GF #sugarfree

This is one of the popular south Indian traditional dessert items. Haalubayi or manni is one of those divine recipes which could only be prepared with the patience love and at most care. Till today, this is strictly home mode … Continue reading

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Taro roots / colacasia in seasoned yogurt

Being a vegetarian in India does never mean limiting the options in your cooking menu. The wide spread of vegetarian recipes available are extremely high, probably one of the highest in the world. This would also translate into healthy eating options … Continue reading

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Vegetable appam /paddu – popular North Karnatak breakfast/snack #ricedumpling #glutenfree

As a part of our staple diet, we make dosa with-in no time, so much so that, many days in the week, breakfast will be named after it. (let’s have dosa would mean lets have breakfast) Another gleeful and enjoyable healthy … Continue reading

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Purslane in seasoned yogurt /purslane raita

Purslane is one of those weeds which you almost can’t call weed. It would spread rapidly and make your garden fill with color green. And this is also one of those uncultivated form of green, even with the over growth, will … Continue reading

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South style chutney powder/ spicy lentil powder

South Indian break fast is really a simple affair. Simple in its appearance, digestion and preparation. Should be expecting some early preparation activities though. The most exotic names like dosa or idli, still would take minimum hands on work and ingredients. … Continue reading

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Bell-pepper and cumin rice with Indian lentil soup (dal) – a simple comfort food

Cumin seeds must probably be one of the most popular spices in Indian kitchens. Cumin infused rice is one of the staple diet and preferred diet in most of the South Indian households. Cumin rice and a well made dal … Continue reading

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