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Mango Layered Cheese Cake – easy no bake dessert

I spent this summer in the beautiful hills and tiny villages of western ghats, wherein the tiny streams of water flows as the life line of evergreen forests, the chirping birds and mild sunshine welcomes the day. Mangoes are grown in … Continue reading

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Moong sprout and radish parata /stuffed Indian bread / mooli paratha

Parata or stuffed bread is an everyday favourite in my house hold. The versatility offered by this bread makes it even more attractive every time.  Paratas find its roots from the Punjab, in northern Indian state, home cooked bread, stuffed … Continue reading

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Garlic bread – in Cafe Baklava way

Garlic bread is one of the most popular accompaniment with pizza. As per Wikipedia, garlic breads have appeared in the US restaurant menu in mid 90’s. But not much details about the origin of this bread is known. Interestingly, though … Continue reading

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Whole wheat and wheat bran bread rolls – comfort cooking

As a child, I always eat home cooked meals, 3 times a day and even the snacks. There is nothing that is store-bought involved in our diet. No spreads, sauce or ketchup. There has been rule laid out on the … Continue reading

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Oregano and crushed red pepper – Focaccia Bread with whole wheat flour

I was reading ‘Unaccustomed Earth’ and eventually ended up with the chapter which talks about Entruscans. The way they helped Greece to embed the cultivation and irrigation system, the entruscan museum etc. Trust me, I am not going to write about … Continue reading

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Whole-wheat sandwich bread loaves from fresh dough

I can’t tell you how good it feels to bake breads, to see them rise and eventually vanish out from the plates. Mumbai being hot and humid, it’s perfect climate for the soft bread baking. Yeasts act so obediently and … Continue reading

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Whole wheat, no-knead bread loaf with sesame seeds – swift and delicious

I agree with what most of the food bloggers or kitchen enthusiasts say. Baking bread is therupautic..eating it just out from the oven is even more.  May  be..just may be the fun involved in creating the bread is because of … Continue reading

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