Mango Layered Cheese Cake – easy no bake dessert


I spent this summer in the beautiful hills and tiny villages of western ghats, wherein the tiny streams of water flows as the life line of evergreen forests, the chirping birds and mild sunshine welcomes the day. Mangoes are grown in the backyard orchards with love and care, plucked with tender hands. Every morning is greeted with a paper thin white dosa with seekarane /aamras or amrakhand. What a classic combo.


I love these mangoes so much with all its varieties, I hate to cook with it. I mean it’s already tasty enough, any mutilation would only deplete it’s natural taste and flavour. I need to think of a recipe where I do no harm or little harm to it’s original form and taste.


This mango and cream cake seems perfect.. well a little less than that ;). But easily one of the best cakes I put together. Try it out and let me know how it turned out.



  • 2 cups of hung curd  (see note-1 below for hung curd preparation)
  • 200gms condensed milk
  • 1/4 cup icing sugar /powdered sugar
  • 2 cups mangoes cubed
  • 12 nos white bread slices
  • pinch of nutmeg freshly grated
  • pure ghee/clarified butter to roast – 12 tbsps

Procedure  – Add hung curd icing sugar in a mixing bowl and whisk until smooth. Pour the condensed milk and mix again. Then add 1 cups of cubed mangoes, nutmeg powder and give it a good stir. Refrigerate this mix for atleast 2 hours.  Your cream mixture is ready.

Cut out the white bread in circular shape with the help of a round cookie cutter, san crust. Roast the bread slices on a tawa, by applying a the ghee on both the sides, in a low flame until they turn golden in colour and became crisp. Let it cool for few minutes.


Place the roasted bread slice to begin with. Spread the cream mixture. Spread some  more mango cubes on it. Place another bread slice. Spread the cream mixture. Spread some  more mango cubes on it. End with another bread slice on the top. Pour some more cream, and garnish with the mangoes.

Repeat this process for the rest.


Once done refrigerate the cake for couple of hours before serving. This cake can be made in advance and stay good for 2-3 days.

This would yield 4 cakes, with two layers of bread slices.


  1. preparation of hung curd : Place the sieve/strainer on mixing bowl to collect the whey. Line the strainer with a muslin cloth. Pour in 1kg of yogurt in it. Let it rest overnight in the fridge. Your hung curd will be ready next morning. 🙂
  2. If you have more cream left, freeze it for future use. This serves as a good accompaniment with Puri/dosa or can be eaten as is.

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