spiral sprinkle cookies (Eggless baking) – vibrant and festive


Baking these vibrant sprinkle cookies is an act of enormous joy and fulfillment. right from preparing colourful dough to rolling it down in even surfaced rectangles, rolling into logs…every step is so picturesque. It would be unfair I don’t mention, how I keep clicking each step with innate enthusiasm



Unless for some special occasion, I would always try to insert healthy ingredients in baking. Most of my posts revolve around using whole-wheat flour and healthier alternatives. But this time of the year is an exception. The festival of lights, Diwali/deepawali, bring us all together a perfect excuse to indulge in all vibrant dishes. It’s mostly about the socializing and creating memories along with food.


These cookies seemed perfect for the occasion of diwali sweet boxes, that we get to share with our near and dear ones. Happy and safe diwali to all my dear readers




  • 2 cups all purpose flour
  • 4 tbsp corn flour
  • 1 cup butter (non salted) at  room temperature
  • 3 tbsp milk if required
  • 3/4  cup powdered sugar / icing sugar
  • 1 tsp cardamom powder
  • pink gel food color – two drops
  • pinch of salt
  • 1/2 cup large multi-color sprinkles

Method –

  1. Mix sugar and butter and cream it until it becomes creamy and pale.
  2. Divide this butter in two equal portions, and keep one portion aside (Lets call it portion 2). For the first portion, add food color and mix well (colored portion).
  3. Mix cardamom powder, corn flour, salt and all-purpose flour, stir well. Divide this mix in two equal portions,
  4. Mix one portion of this dry mix two colored portion and mix until all ingredients come together.
  5. Now mix rest of the flour mix into the remaining butter (portion 2) and mix. If you find the dough too hard, add milk and knead gently to get the consistency.
  6. Roll out each portion of dough between wax sheets/cling foil (1/4 inch thick). Take out the wax paper on the top, and colored dough on the plain dough, so that the are stacked.
  7. Roll this stack in to a log (use the wax sheet/cling foil to regulate this activity. This dough is very sensitive, with out the help of wax sheet, you will not able to roll them). Peel of the wax sheet/cling foil gently and put the log on the sprinkles/non pareil decors, until the entire log in coated.   Wrap them in a plastic wrap and refrigerate them for 1-2 hours.


8. Slice the log into 1/4 inch thick cookies, and align on the greased cookie sheet.

Bake them for about 20 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 165 °C or 325°F.

You can store them in an airtight container for a week at room temperature refrigerate for more shelf life

Makes  about 3 dozen cookies

Note – If you find the dough not pliable, refrigerate them for 20-25 minutes, before rolling

Inspired by Heather’s blog – http://www.sprinklebakes.com/2010/01/colorful-spiral-cookies.html





3 Comments Add yours

  1. Namrata says:

    these look so good! Instead of pink I can use cocoa powder to make a chocolate version? We have a weakness for anything chocolaty. What to do 😉

    1. cafebaklava says:

      Thank you Namrata. Yeah you can use chocolate dough, instead of pink. But you may need to adjust the buuter n sugar content in the dough. …

  2. mustardseed says:

    Love these cookies! Look so pretty. Will surely try to make them

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