Spiced Kokum Juice, spiced garcinia juice – goodness of nature in a glass #GarciniaIndica


I feel a lot privileged and blessed, being in this tiny town tucked in western ghats. With most of the modern amenities of the city are at feet, this town is still retaining the warmth and charming of the old age village culture and serenity. Staying here is like a life spent in a resort. With infinitely stretched green fields, cascading streams, access to whole lot of wild berries and forest fruits, freshly grown vegetables and much more. What more can you ask from life. Here is the serenity and peace redefined, blessed are the souls.

Photo – by Geeta n Akhil

I would love to capture every moment of life here, which I cherish rest of the year. I would love to capture every simple and pure recipes, prepared and developed in the temple like kitchens of these houses. Every time I leave this place, I promise myself to return asap and think of efforts required to retain the goodness of nature as is.



Here is a beautiful recipe, from the heart of western ghats, prepared from freshly picked kokum fruit. The sourness of kokum is known for its healing properties and soothing effects. This juice is highly advisable for the liquid diet plans, a home remedy for indigestion and acidity.

Garcinia Indica / kokam is also non as one of the most effective natural fat burners, and helps to activate rapid fat burning , basicaly burns, blocks and stops fat.



  • 20 –  shells of fresh kokum fruits
  • 1/2 cup palm jaggery or sugar
  • 5  white pepper corns freshly grounded
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 6 cups of chilled water
  • mint leaves to garnish – optional

Method – Grind the fresh kokum shells to fine paste. Add jaggery/sugar, salt and grind it again. Add water and pulse it couple more times.

Pour in a large bowl, add salt and stir well. Adjust the sugar/water level at this stage for your taste.

Pour in serving glasses, garnish with mint leaves.

Best served fresh and chilled. However you can refrigerate them like and other fruit juice for couple of days.

Makes 5-7 glasses.






2 Comments Add yours

  1. tej87g says:

    Hey.. Nice to see someone else in love with kokum and western ghats. Nice recipe too.. My mom normally prepares kokum syrup at home and we use for whole year. I have never tried anything with fresh kokum.. I am saving this recipe to try in next season.. 🙂

  2. cafebaklava says:

    Wester ghats are so..who doesnt like them. And the Kokum presrve is such a lovely contribution to culinery world. Thanks for sharing the similar interest and stopping by.

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