Vanilla flavoured – frozen yogurt, simple and elegant


Best thing about the hot and humid summer is an excuse to eat frozen yogurt. I would vouch for the benefits of frozen yogurt even in the mid winter. So no way a summer can be spent without an over indulgence of these feel good food.



Vanilla yogurt is a simple yet elegant dessert, ready to get prepared any time with just three ingredients and 10 minutes of working. I get bowled over these simple marvelous which get created instantly, retaining all the goodness in food.IMG_0918-001



  • 500 gms – hung curd, home-made with full cream milk, hung for 2 days in fridge
  • 300 gms – icing sugar or fine sugar
  • 1 vanilla bean scraped / 1 tbsp pure vanilla extract

Method – Whisk the hung curd and sugar until smooth. You can whisk it by hand, or use your electric mixer.

Put in scraped vanilla/pure vanilla extract  and whisk till all ingredients blend well.

Put it in the  freezer overnight or longer till you use it. After spending overnight in freezer, frozen yogurt will be ready to get served.

You can store home-made frozen yogurt for 3 weeks in freezer.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. cafebaklava says:

    I just realised, this is my 50th post on the blog.

  2. Savitha says:

    Frozen yogurt looks so appealing. perfectly made.

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