Frozen Yogurt – flavored with Strawberries and Cardamom


One of the cold evenings in the north-west part of the globe. Dear friend Terre and me were roaming in the streets of A Coruna. Few days left to bid audieu to the place and we wanted have a small ‘eat out’ together. We visited four or five beaches in athe day, visited our language school and finally went in search of some vegetarian food, and in my list,  was some gourmet ice cream too…… at the end.IMG_0094-001102CANON3-002

Unless like English, Spanish won’t differentiate between an ice cream and frozen yogurt. Both are ice cream for them, one is ice cream and the other is yogurt ice cream – helado de yogur.  With my limited Spanish language skills, she had a tough time to understand my intention to have an ice cream, but finally ended up taking me to a frozen yogurt seller, which was one of the best.

When I am replicating the recipe, of course twisted to suit the Indian taste bud and sin alcohol, I am so much remembering my dear friend. World looks beautiful with people like you.


Mumbai is very hot  now, and it was quite and exercise to take the photos. As soon as I take the frozen yogurt out of the freezer, it would melt. I would say the texture of this ice cream is much better than what it would appear in these photographs.

And needless to say that we enjoyed eating them, with the good old memories, soothing coolness, beautiful flavours and taste.




  • 500 gms – hung curd, home-made with full cream milk, hung for 2 days in fridge
  • 300 gms – icing sugar or fine sugar
  • 1/2 tsp cardamom powder
  • 250 gms fresh/frozen strawberries finely chopped

Method – Whisk the hung curd and sugar until smooth. You can whisk it by hand, or use your electric mixer/ice cream maker.

Put in the chopped strawberries, cardamom powder and whisk till all ingredients come together. In this process some strawberries get mashed, but don’t worry, that’s what gives the required pink to the yogurt.

Serve it immediately or keep it in freezer until further use.

You can store home-made frozen yogurt for 3 weeks in freezer

Note –  I liked my frozen yogurt slightly tart. You can adjust the sugar quantity according to your taste.


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