Pickled – Pepper pod and Lime

During my last visit to my maternal home, pepper pods were in seasons and I could find the pretty pepper pods heaped for separation in the front yard. I picked up few pods when  I was coming back to Mumbai. Left them in fridge for about a week in an airtight bag, and when I opened the fridge on the next weekend for organizing,  they were sitting, as pretty as they were fresh from the farm.


I wanted to do justice to these pods and use them with great care. So, searched for the recipe, wherein the pepper pods are used directly. And that’s how I landed up with ,http://www.lovefoodeat.com/pickled-black-pepper-with-lime-green-chili/,   and decided to go with that instantaneously, with some modifications.


Unless like the traditional pickles, this doesn’t call for the complicated procedure other ingredients. Delicate and direct ingredients and taste.


This is my first exposure to pepper pod pickling, and I loved all the flavors. There is nothing not to like in this. The flavors of pepper, lime and chilies mixed beautifully. I decided to replace half portion of the green chilies with tabasco pepper (also called ‘piri piri”) which gives stronger flavor and also works as a natural preservative in pickles.


The result was profound, (of course, extremely spicy, spice). I would love to when my beloved ones get to taste this, and would love to see the glee on my parents face, when they see the pepper pod into pickled pepper pod.



The medicinal properties in this pickle also helps to ease the common cold and throat infection.


7 pepper pods

4 medium size limes

10-15 tabasco chilies

4 green chilies

4-5 tbsp sea salt

1 tsp black salt

Wash and pat dry the pepper pods, limes and green chilies. Wash and dry the container, may be keep it in the sunlight for an hour. Cut the pepper pods and green chilies in half. Cut each lime into quarters. Sqeez thelime juice from one of the limes and keep aside.  Crush the tabasco chilies.

Now , arrange the layers in the container, starting with salt. Layer the pepper pods, salt, limes, and chilies. End the layer with salt. Pour the lemon juice on the top.

Keep the container in a cool dry area and give it good mix once in two days. It would take about 8-10 days to get pickled.

* You can vary the quantity of the ingredients to match your pallet. The balanced proportion would always lead to a pleasant pickle.


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  1. Pretty great post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing in your feed and I’m hoping you write again soon!

  2. Mamata bhat says:

    Thanking you for recipe

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