Alemane – Process Of Preparing Jaggery

Jaggery in the huge wok

Before the scenario changes,  things become commercialized and villages become abandoned, I wanted to capture the true passion and love, with which our elders (and also, everyone living in the village with love for farming) pursue the ritual of making jaggery from the scratch. Here, what I mean by “Scratch” is from sapling to filling the boxes of jaggery. The art, science, passion and persuasiveness  unlimited love for the process and the belief that “share more to reap more”


As a young girl, I reckon attending few places to watch the process of making jaggery. Probably then, I was too young to understand the mammoth effort and the uncompromised attention required for this process.

sugarcane juice to Jaggery

It was only last year, when I stayed at this place, witnessed each and every activity, got an opportunity to understand the process and only then, I realized how precious this activity is.  And I believe these  processes, efforts should not be forgotten.  After a year, and after attending the next “Alemane”, the place where the process of making jaggery takes place, I am penning down the process. It sure must be nostalgic for many of you, and a pleasant idea to go through the photo trip.


Sugar canes are grown with great care. The soil, water and the compost are dealt in right proportion to get the required sweetness and juciness in the sugar canes. I didn’t get much details about the jaggery, I am mentioning here. This jaggery is away different from the jaggery mentioned here – It is unique and mostly found in northern Karntaka.

Boiled to jaggery at specified temperature for specified time. Around 12-14 hours in this case.

mammoth sieve

final sieve

The super healthy sweet – Jaggery. Again a great care is taken to fill the containers, Dry the containers, spoon and anything that comes in contact with filling process. Jaggeries can be stored for 2-4 years without refrigeration.

stored in containers

And of all this, it is a lot of fun and learning involved in attending these set ups.

sharing the sugarcane juice

If you want to make a small quantity at your home, try this out. It only requires ONE ingredient, yes, you read it right.


2 litres of sugarcane juice – Better the juice, better the jaggery. Do not mix lemon /orange or any other accompaniments in the sugarcane juice. If you are buying it from the sugarcane juice vendor, specify that you want the pure one.

Boil the juice to the point where the volume of the juice is a little less than 1 ltr. While the juice is boiling, pass the juice through the sieve, as it omits a black substance. It is important that you clear this, else your jaggery will be cluttered.

So, thats it, Jaggery will be in semi liquid status.

You can eat it directly or can use it in many of your dessert recipes.


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